8086 1e22.


8086 1e22





8086 1e22.


AMD Swift processors: Black Swift and White Swift in 2021

According to a source citing motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan, the processors
Swift (Fusion)
will appear at the end of 2021.

Moreover, these solutions will be subdivided into two subspecies: Black Swift and White Swift.
Black are dual-core and white are single-core. AMD Swift will be like
it was supposed to have a built-in video core, support work with memory
DDR3 standard (which is supposed to become
mass during this period) and consume a small amount of energy.

Both white and black are K10 microarchitecture products that will
run according to the 45nm process technology and are designed for installation in Socket FS1.
In addition, the processors themselves will support the bus for graphics cards
PCI-Express 2.0. The chipset will only serve a role
connecting bridge. Black Swift and White Swift will support technology
PowerXpress and
AMD Hybird Graphics, but not Hybrid CrossFire.

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