Ati firemv 2250.


Ati firemv 2250





Ati firemv 2250.


Intel talks about Silverthorne: Hyper-Threading is back

During the ISSCC (IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference) Intel paid a lot of attention to its upcoming Silverthorne processors for mobile devices (Mobile Internet Devices).

It was said that the architecture of the 45nm CPU will be fully compatible with the Core 2 Duo instruction set.

Silverthorne will support the new C6 (Deep Power Down) power saving mode and a number of other technologies, which, together with new materials (High-K dielectrics with a high dielectric constant), will provide energy savings up to 10 times higher than that of ULV processors based on the Dothan core.

In addition, Silverthorne will implement the next iteration of Hyper-threading technology, which Intel has abandoned in its Core / Penryn processors.

Source: VR-Zone

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