Cannon dr 2050c driver.


Cannon dr 2050c driver





Cannon dr 2050c driver.


GeForce 8800 GT will soon fall in price

NVIDIA has recently notified its partners in the production of graphics cards to reduce the production cost of the GeForce 8800 GT. It is proposed to achieve this by simplifying the printed circuit board and reducing the number of its layers from ten to six.

The next step after the redesign of accelerators should be to reduce their retail prices.

This step will allow the GeForce 8800 GT to be more attractive solutions compared to the AMD Radeon HD 3800 and to increase NVIDIA’s share from the current 70% of the market (previously it reached 90%.

Reducing the number of PCB layers from ten to six will save manufacturers about $ 10 per card.

Manufacturers of graphics accelerators are not too happy with the recommendations of NVIDIA, which is in no hurry to reduce the selling prices for GPUs themselves. At the same time, the chip developer himself emphasizes the recommendatory nature of his wishes.

However, it will hardly be surprising if those of the partners who do not follow these recommendations soon encounter a shortage of GPU G92, which are the clear favorites of the market today ..

Source: DigiTimes

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