Dell 1704 wireless.


Dell 1704 wireless





Dell 1704 wireless.


Photo of the day: AMD Phenom 9100e processor, four cores for the thrifty

On one of the Greek resources, photos were published of the AMD Phenom 9100e processor, which is preparing for release at the end of this quarter, which should be the first quad-core CPU with a TDP of only 65 W (nominal core voltage is 1.12 V). Judging by the labeling, it rolled off the assembly line as early as 51 weeks of last year.

The novelty will be built on the core of Agena B2 stepping. Its clock speed will be 1.8 GHz, the L2 cache will be 512 KB for each of the four cores, the third level cache will be 2 MB, as in the older models.

Apart from its low power consumption and heat dissipation, the Phenom 9100e is also interesting because it has a real chance of becoming the first processor whose price will reach the $ 100 mark. At the start of sales, it is expected to be about $ 130.

Let’s see if the TLB error will manifest itself in a chip operating at such a low frequency. If not, the novelty has every chance of gaining popularity among enthusiasts on a limited budget.

Source: HWBox

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