Firegl v3400.ATI FireGL V3400 (128MB, PCI, Dual DVI, OEM) Specs


Firegl v3400


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Nov 07,  · This is the 32bit ISV Driver for the ATI FireGL Graphics Adapter. Get the latest driver Please enter your product details to view the latest driver information for your system. ATI FireGL V (MB, PCI, Dual DVI, OEM) overview and full product specs on CNET. Jun 05,  · Re: ATI FireGL V unable to install Continue to have the same issue, everything installs fine except the driver. I have got this driver to work on a 32bit system a year ago but I’ve switched to a 64bit, I believe that I need to disable the incompatable driver check but no clue how.


Firegl v3400.ATI FireGL V (MB, PCI, Dual DVI, OEM) Specs – CNET

Download Video: ATI FireGL V Driver Version: A07_64b_ISV for Windows to display driverOperating System: Windows. Jan 26,  · ATI MB PCI Express™ x16 ATI FireGL V, FireGL V, FireGL V, v (FireGL bit), A May 24,  · The FireGL V delivers industry-leading features and performance for demanding workstation users running OpenGL and DirectX-based applications. The ATI FireGL range of video cards, renamed to FirePro 3D in late , is the series specifically for CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and DCC (Digital Content Creation) software, usually found in.
Video: ATI FireGL V3400 Driver Version: A07_64b_ISV
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ATI FireGL V x64 unable to install – AMD Community
ATI FireGL V3400 PCI Express Workstation Display Card
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SecurityLab: “Black Tuesday” patches for the Linux community

SecurityLab has posted a notice of a Linux kernel vulnerability that allows a local user to gain root privileges on a system.

News of a vulnerability that could allow arbitrary code execution with root privileges quickly spread across the Internet. Many news publications have dubbed this vulnerability critical, thus creating panic among users and system administrators. The panic was so great that some Linux users tried to patch the system with a modified exploit.

What is the vulnerability?

Vulnerable vmsplice () system call was introduced for the first time in kernel 2.6.17. The vulnerability exists due to the fact that the “vmsplice_to_user ()”, “copy_from_user_mmap_sem ()” and “get_iovec_page_array () functions of the fs / splice.c do not check the pointers passed to them by calling access_ok (). The absence of such a check allows the local user to read and write arbitrary data into kernel memory.

Why vulnerability is dangerous?

A local unprivileged user who has physical or remote (for example, via ssh) access to the system and valid credentials (including access to the console – shell) can get the privileges of the root account, or
crash the system.

Which systems are vulnerable?

All systems with vmsplice () system call support enabled and built on the basis of kernel versions since 2 are affected.6.17 to and According to the notices, the vulnerability does not apply to kernels that use patches
grsecurity configured correctly.

Why SecurityLab gave a low severity rating for the vulnerability?

On the scale used to assess the risk of vulnerability hazard, all local vulnerabilities present a low hazard rating. This assessment is based on the fact that the target system is correctly configured (from a security point of view) and there is no possibility of a remote or local unauthorized user gaining access to it from the outside; the correct access privileges are configured for local accounts, including access to the console; “strong” passwords are used and the latest updates for the software used are installed. Incorrect, from a security point of view, system configuration is itself a vulnerability and can increase the impact of other vulnerabilities on the system.

How to fix the vulnerability?

To eliminate the vulnerability, you need to download and install the patch available on the website of your distribution kit manufacturer, or rebuild the kernel available on the www After installing the patch, a system restart will be required.

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