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Motion Computing F5 tablet uses a 32GB SSD from SanDisk

Motion Computing’s F5 Tablet PCs Configured with a 32GB SanDisk Solid State Drive (SSD). This is not surprising, given the enhanced performance of the specified computer, due to the areas of its application. As you know, the absence of moving mechanical parts in an SSD significantly increases its reliability, reduces power consumption, heat generation and noise.

In the case of Motion Computing F5, we’re talking about the 1.8-inch SanDisk SSD 5000. Guests of the CeBIT 2021 exhibition, which is now taking place in Germany, can see both the tablet PC and the drive itself.

SanDisk SSD 5000 UATA 32GB has a high MTBF of 2M. hours. The claimed access time does not exceed 0.11 ms, and the steady-state transfer speed in read mode reaches 67 MB / s. Power consumption – no more than 0.5 W in any mode. In other words, SSDs outperform hard drives in several ways.

32GB is not the maximum for SanDisk SSD 5000 models. Last summer, as you know, the release of 64 GB products was announced. 1.8 ” SATA SSD line is even bigger – 72GB.

Source: SanDisk

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