Geforce fx 5500.


Geforce fx 5500





Geforce fx 5500.


Avocent suggests using Gigabit Ethernet as an extension cable for DVI and USB

Avocent engineers provide impressive connectivity to dual monitors up to 1920 x 1200 pixels and USB peripherals from virtually any distance from the PC. They created the Avocent Emerge ECMS4000 product that uses Gigabit Ethernet links as an “extender” for Dual DVI-D and USB. According to the company, Emerge ECMS4000 gives the user a complete desktop experience, even if the computer itself is away from it, but connected to a Gigabit TCP / IP network. Placing the computer away from the monitor and other peripheral devices opens up new possibilities for arranging workstations, simplifies maintenance and maintains optimal operating conditions for workstations.

The extender can work either on a separate CAT 5e cable or in a switched Gigabit Ethernet network. The product includes an ECMS4000T transmitter that connects to DVI-D outputs and an ECMS4000R user station with two DVI-I connectors, USB connectors and audio connectors. The maximum resolution of display devices connected to the station is 1920 x 1200 at a vertical frequency of 60 Hz.

The manufacturer has already started shipping Emerge ECMS4000T and ECMS4000R at suggested retail prices of $ 1235 and $ 1260 respectively.

Source: Avocent

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