Hp c4600 driver.


Hp c4600 driver





Hp c4600 driver.


Buffalo unveils three new ODD Blu-ray 4x: BR-416U2, 416FBS-BR-BK and BR-416FBS

Buffalo has announced several new relatively
Inexpensive Blu-ray Disc Recorders.
In addition to working with BD-R (RE) media, they also write and
read regular DVD and CD-R.

Two of them are internal devices, and the third model is external, with
USB connection 2.0.

Released new items are 4-speed devices,
which have a Serial ATA interface: BR-WH-416FBS (white)
and BR-416FBS-BK (black).
The manufacturer estimates these drives at $ 435.
External drive, model BR-416U2 is more expensive – $ 475.

The development of the Panasonic company was taken as a basis,
Internal drive dimensions are 146 ? 190 ? 42 mm with a weight of 925 g., but
external – 160 ? 279 ? 55 mm, its weight – 1.8 kg. Complete with actuators
PowerDVD7 BD software supplied.

Speed ​​characteristics:

  • Write speed: BD-RE 2x, BD-R 4x / 2x, DVD-RAM 5x, DVD-R 16x, DVD-R DL 8x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD + RW 8x, DVD + R 16x, DVD + R DL 8x, CD-R 1-40x, CD-RW 1-24x
  • Reading speed: BD-RE 2x, BD-R 4x, DVD-RAM 5x, DVD-R 16x, DVD-R DL 8x,
    DVD-RW 8x, DVD + RW 8x, DVD + R 16x, DVD + R DL 8x, DVD-ROM 16x / 8x, CD-R 40x, CD-ROM 40x

Source: Buffalo

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