Hp deskjet 500c.


Hp deskjet 500c





Hp deskjet 500c.


New features of the IMSniffer program for intercepting the traffic of messengers

SoftInform announces the release of a new version of the IMSniffer program for intercepting at the ICQ and MSN protocol level all traffic transmitted through instant messaging clients.

SearchInfom IMSniffer 1.3 is designed to intercept messages from various IM clients (the current version supports the ICQ and MSN protocols) within the network. However, a modular architecture has been developed to support any number of application network protocols.

In SearchInfom IMSniffer version 1.3 the ability to add an alias to any UIN was implemented. Now the process of finding the information you need has become much easier, identifying the sender and addressee of a message by “nickname” is much more convenient than by a long identification number.

In addition, for the convenience of users, the program interface has been significantly improved and new functions have been added. When working on the new version, the developers paid special attention to the reliability of the application through various types of proxy servers and reliability in general.

Key features of SearchInform IMSniffer:

  • Interception of messages from instant messaging programs (ICQ and MSN protocols);
  • Viewing the history of correspondence with a specific addressee;
  • Full-text search for all messages, taking into account the morphology;
  • Unique “search for similar” function;
  • Control over the correspondence of employees;
  • The ability to remotely search and view the intercepted data.

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