Hp photosmart e317.


Hp photosmart e317





Hp photosmart e317.


Intel QX9775 goes on sale, Skulltrail goes to the masses?

As planned, Intel has released a number of 45nm quad-core processors
Penryn Q9xxx,
in t.h. Core 2 Extreme QX9750 and QX9775. The first one was
scheduled for January this year, and the second was due to appear during
first quarter, which finally happened – in Japanese retail enthusiasts
can already purchase such a powerful solution for building their own system on
Intel Skulltrail platform.

But, if Vigor Gaming Computer on Intel Skulltrail platform
sold as a ready-made PC, it is now available to Japanese users
a set of individual components for further self-assembly
high-performance Skulltrail system.

Core 2 Extreme QX9775, we recall, is a processor for installation in an LGA socket
771, manufactured using 45 nm process technology, equipped with 12 MB
cache memory and is clocked at 3.2 GHz (FSB 1600
MHz) at 1.35 V and TDP = 150 W. The retail price of this processor is
Japan amounted to $ 1,715., which of course is higher than the wholesale price quoted earlier.

The motherboard required to build the system can be selected from
or Intel
The price of such solutions is currently, according to the source, $ 625. and
690 USD. respectively. According to preliminary estimates, the Skulltrail system (if
take into account Japanese prices, taking into account
small circulation
and exclusivity, it can be assumed that if such components appear in
sales in the CIS, they are unlikely to be lower than the prices given for Japan…) will cost
to the buyer, together with the NVIDIA SLI or CrossFire subsystem, at least ~ $ 6500.
On the other hand, it is still much cheaper than solutions such as, for example,
submitted by
Thermaltake system.

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