Hp scanjet 5300c.


Hp scanjet 5300c





Hp scanjet 5300c.


Mushkin XP-800AP: Powerful and Quiet Power Supply

Mushkin, a relatively new power supply company, has unveiled its new high-performance model, the XP-800AP.

It is notable for the presence of four independent + 12V power lines and the same number of PCIe power connectors (adapters provide work with cards equipped with 8- and 6-pin connectors), which allows to ensure system stability with two or more video cards. The current strength on each of the lines is 20 A, in total – no more than 64 A.

The peak load of the model, declared by the manufacturer, is 900 W, the nominal load is 800 W.

Mushkin has implemented a modular VersaPlug cable management system in its solution, which makes it easy to dismantle wires that are not required in this configuration.

The unit is cooled by one 135 mm fan with automatic speed control depending on the temperature.

The device has a 5-year warranty and is already available in the manufacturer’s online store for $ 185.

Source: Mushkin

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