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Intel divested of Itanium 2 brand through rebranding

Microprocessor manufacturer Intel,
recently notified (PCN document # 108304-00) his partners, computer and server assemblers, that
intends to discontinue use of the Itanium 2 brand that has served the company
quite a long time.

Changes in the name for this server processor family, however, are not
so significant – instead of “Itanium 2” from March 2, 2021 there will be
just use “Itanium”.

Itanium 2 brand unveiled with 180nm processors
McKinley in 2021
a year, about a year after the first version of Itanium appeared
with kernel codename Merced.

At the moment, newer ones will undergo changes in the name
more subtle standards 90-nm processors of the family – on cores
and Montecito.

Subsequently, 65nm Tukwila processors,
having 2 billion.
transistors will receive a new, simplified designation. Such a step the company
undertook, as her paper notes, “to meet the demands of its new branding strategy.”.

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