Madcatz controller xbox 360.


Madcatz controller xbox 360





Madcatz controller xbox 360.


BiTMICRO expands the world’s first Ultra320 SCSI SSD to 1.6TB

BiTMICRO Networks Announces E-Disk Altima E3S320 Solid State Drive (SSD). According to the company, at one time it was the first in the world to release an SSD with an Ultra320 SCSI interface; now the volume of this drive has been increased to 1.6 TB. The device is made in a standard 3.5-inch form factor, which simplifies its integration into computing systems.

The declared exchange rate between the drive and the host in the steady state is 230 MB / s (in batch-exclusive mode – 320 MB / s). The E3S320 uses SLC NAND memory, which, coupled with proprietary load balancing and error correction technology, ensures high data integrity and drive durability.

The device is resistant to external influences: the operating temperature range extends from –40 ° to 85 ° C; the drive transfers shocks up to 1500 g. Other security features include securErase and PowerGuard technologies.

First samples of E-Disk Altima Ultra320 SCSI drives should begin shipping in Q2. The company promises to start serial deliveries by the third quarter. Provisions for the release of modifications from 16 GB to 1.6 TB.

Recall that last fall BiTMICRO announced the release of 3.5-inch SSDs with a capacity of 1.6 TB with Fiber Channel interface.

Source: BiTMICRO Networks

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