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Who will be engaged in the release of motherboards for Intel on the P45 and G45 chipsets?

DigiTimes writes that Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) will become the OEM manufacturer of motherboards under Intel’s own brand based on the P45 and G45 chipsets.

Despite the fact that sales of Intel’s own motherboards are much smaller than those of the industry leaders (including Foxconn, by the way), the company is not going to abandon their further development and release.

The P45-based Intel board is codenamed Skyberg and will be marketed as DP45SG. Support for 45nm Core 2 Duo / Extreme processors with FSB up to 1333 MHz is promised (1600 MHz, we see, will be available only in overclocking mode).

There will be two Intel boards using the G45, Icedale (DG45ID) and Fly Creek (DG45FC). They will support a solid array of video outputs (HDMI, DisplyPort or DVI). The difference will be that Icedale will support up to four memory modules, and Fly Creek only two.

In terms of processor support, these solutions will be identical to Skyberg.

Source: DigiTimes

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