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VueScan is compatible with the Nikon LS on Windows x86, Windows x64, Mac OS X and Linux. All types of Nikon film adapters are supported. If you’re using Windows and you’ve installed a Nikon driver, VueScan’s built-in drivers won’t conflict with this. If you haven’t installed a Windows driver for this scanner, VueScan will automatically install a driver. Product Information. Helpful and reliable, this Nikon slide and film scanner is just right for making digitized records and meeting your digital scanning needs in many different settings. With the useful shape on the Nikon , you can conform to your work area with ease for better space management. The impressive capability for scanning 35 mm film in color mode found on this slide and film scanner . the LS, please refer to the software manuals. We hope that you will find this manual helpful. Features The LS is a film scanner capable of scanning 35mm film (color/monochrome, negative/positive) at high speed and high resolution. • 3-color, high-brightness LED illuminant, eliminating the need for illuminant maintenance.


Nikon ls 1000.スキャナ用ソフトウェアダウンロード | ニコンイメージング

Nov 16,  · November 16, Phil Wherry 2 Comments. The Nikon LS Super Coolscan is a SCSI film scanner capable of scanning from both slides (positive images) and color negatives. Both PC and Mac software is supplied with the scanner. The LS is a second-generation product. Like its predecessor, the LS Coolscan, the LS uses solid-state illumination: red, green, and (yes!) . 35mm Film Scanner SUPER COOLSCAN LS Key Features. High-speed scanning: approx. 40 seconds (2, x 3, pixels) bit A/D and 2,dpi optical resolution. Digital SLR Cameras. LS, please refer to the software We hope that you will find this manual helpful. Features The LS is a film scanner capable of scanning 35mm film (color/monochrome, negative/positive) at high speed and high resolution. • 3-color, high-brightness LED illuminant, eliminating the .
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Analysts’ opinions on the NVIDIA deal – AGEIA

As you know, NVIDIA announced the acquisition of AGEIA Technologies.
There is no detailed information on this deal, but last year there were rumors that
AMD is interested in buying the same company and the amount of the deal
was estimated at 150 million. Doll. However, this did not happen, possibly due to
financial difficulties AMD. In due time, we recall,
another major chipset and processor manufacturer, Intel,
managed to acquire
a company in the same field as AGEIA Technologies – Havok.

From the very beginning, the start of AGEIA was not as successful as expected, and already at
at the last CES show, the possibility was discussed that the company would change

During the development of PhysX PCI-E cards, AGEIA discovered that some popular
Intel and NVIDIA chipsets are not PCI-E v1 As a result, the card did not really work. A very successful product with a price tag of almost $ 200,
did not win. PPU card sales
went sluggishly, and the price did not contribute to great demand. Some observers back in those days called this direction of development of games nothing more than “dead
end “, a dead end that is.

While the exact amount of the transaction is unknown, many tend to make their own assumptions about how much
it is NVIDIA that will extend the life of AGEIA “under its wing”. And if in the past the selling price of AGEIA
was about 150 million. Doll., now one of the sources expresses the opinion that the company will be sold “well below these 150 million. Doll.”.

At the same time, the attempts of ATI and NVIDIA themselves, as developers of GPUs with accelerated physics calculations at the hardware level, were not very successful. The presented
in 2021, the Radeon 1950XTX and GeForce 7950 slightly improved the rendering of physical effects, i.e.e. did it “cosmetically”.

For Intel, it looks like the purchase of Havok turned out to be a bargain. Even before the purchase, Havok managed to sign many contracts with its customers, so
that its technologies have found their way into more than 150 games. However, AGEIA was not doing so badly either. Often addressed to her
reproaches and criticism poured in, but the second half of 2021 turned out to be successful for her. The company completed several transactions and even launched a mobile
version of the physics accelerator, focused on use in laptops – MXM-module AGEIA
PhysX 100M.

The PhysX SDK can be considered even more successful. With the SDK, PhysX technologies will be used in 140 games for different
platforms: gaming PCs and popular consoles Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation3. AGEIA’s success was helped to develop
she bought before her acquisition of NovodeX and Meqon, whose developments were used in projects Epic, Duke Nuk’em Forever and TimeShift.

Heads of both companies involved in the NVIDIA-AGEIA deal
refer to past and present times, but GeForce chips “accelerated by the forces
PhysX “is not a matter of today, but of future tense. In the present and the past, the most
famous use of AGEIA libraries – new “engine” Unreal. Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, said he was happy
the fact that NVIDIA will seriously engage in accelerating physics calculations in games using its GPUs. He also expressed the opinion that AGEIA PhysX, together
with the features and capabilities of Unreal Engine 3 will be used in future games on all platforms… Sounds optimistic, of course, but in reality
future generations of Xbox, PlayStation and Wii – a matter of the distant future. According to the source, the next “wave” of game consoles should be
expect in 2021-2021.

NVIDIA promised new opportunities to millions of players. So far, her plans include physics by means of discrete and built-in
video adapters, high-end versions should, according to the source, appear already in 2021.

Intel, although it paid a hefty amount for Havok, did it before, so it has a head start and is ready for a possible fight against
NVIDIA, which made another profitable acquisition, as it did with 3dfx and ULi Technologies earlier. Intel trumps Westmere / Sandy Bridge CPU in combination with Larrabee cGPU.

Sources: TGDaily, ZDnet

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