Nvidia geforce 6800 gs.


Nvidia geforce 6800 gs





Nvidia geforce 6800 gs.


A-DATA Alpha: memory with original cooling system

A-DATA once held the record for the speed of consumer memory with DDR3 Vitesta modules, operating at a frequency of 2 GHz and having no competitors at the time of market launch.

Then the company was pushed from the top by Kingston Technology, which managed to get its modules to work at a frequency of 2133 MHz, but it seems that it does not intend to give up.

In particular, the manufacturer brought the Alpha series of memory to CeBIT, which attracts attention with its cooling system. Buyers can choose which components of the modular system they choose – it is possible to complete modules with both relatively simple radiators and a complex with active airflow using two fans, and even equip memory kits with a water block for extreme cooling.

It has not yet been announced what speed characteristics the A-DATA Alpha will have, but given the powerful cooling system, close to the record frequencies of this memory will most likely be available.

Source: Xfastest.com

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