Nvidia geforce gt 705.


Nvidia geforce gt 705





Nvidia geforce gt 705.


First benchmarks of Intel Atom processor performance

At CeBIT 2021, many prototypes of Ultra Mobile Computer (UMPC) and mobile Internet device (MID) were shown. Some of them used the barely announced Intel Atom processor, formerly known as Silverthorne.

Recall that their main advantage is the ultra-low power consumption of 0.6-2.5 W, which allows the use of such CPUs even in the most compact portable devices.

Correspondents of the German resource Computerbase were able to get their hands on a MID manufactured by ASUS and conduct the popular SuperPI 1M processor test on it.

Atom, whose frequency was 1.6 GHz, of course, yielded to desktop models and even Celeron M on the Dothan core (this is used, for example, in the ASUS Eee PC), but for compact devices its performance will be sufficient in most cases.

Source: Computerbase

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