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Nvs 5400m driver





Nvs 5400m driver.


New iPod games: Chess & Backgammon and Naval Battle

Two new games for iPod with video (5G), iPod classic and iPod nano 3G – Chess & Backgammon and Naval Battle, developed by Gameloft S have been added to the iTunes Store. A.

The first one, Chess & Backgammon, actually includes two games – chess and backgammon. Chess & Backgammon adheres to all the official rules of both games, and the ability to choose the difficulty level will make the game interesting for iPod owners of all skill levels. In addition to a convenient and intuitive interface, the game has the ability to display a 2- or 3-dimensional board and a choice of themes for shapes.

The second game, Naval Battle, is the iPod incarnation of the popular Naval Battle game with various enhancements and additional features. In addition to the standard rules, the player can choose the “Campaign” mode, which consists of 18 missions, change the size of the playing field, etc. The game also has a multiplayer mode (multiplayer).

Cost of each game – $ 4.99. Apple warns that Chess & Backgammon and Naval Battle are not compatible with iPod touch and iPhone.

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