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Gennum and Meritec Achieve 10 Gbps Speed ​​in Thin, Low-Cost Copper Cable

Technological progress makes it possible to expand the potential of technologies, which, it would seem, should already give way to newer developments. For example, copper data lines do not seem to retire soon under the onslaught of fiber and wireless technology. As an illustration, it is enough to recall the recent achievement of Rim Semiconductor specialists – the Cupria communication processor they created provides data transfer at a speed of 40 Mbit / s over a regular telephone pair.

Engineers from Gennum Corporation are keeping up with their colleagues at Rim Semiconductor. Using an inexpensive 30 gauge copper cable as a transmission medium (according to the American Wire Gauge system, AWG – in metric terms, 30 gauge is approximately equal to a diameter of 0.28 mm), they were able to provide a speed of 10 Gbps.

Transmission was possible over a very short distance – during the public demonstration, the cable was eight meters long. However, according to the developers, the demonstration shows the potential of copper lines, which will significantly reduce the cost of data transmission at high speed. The installation used the development of Gennum (synchronization and data recovery tools) and Meritec (cable systems). Allegedly, in the case of using four lines for parallel transmission, the speed can be increased up to 40 Gbps.

Signal distortion – jitter becomes a stumbling block in the transition to high-speed transmission. This phenomenon affects both Infiniband QDR (quad data rate) lines, Fiber Channel (8 Gb / s), and Ethernet (10 Gb / s). Gennum was able to create a circuit that minimizes jitter by compensating for signal losses in the copper conductor and ensures error-free transmission and reception of data.

Source: Gennum

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