Ralink rt5390r 802.11bgn wifi adapter not working.


Ralink rt5390r 802.11bgn wifi adapter not working





Ralink rt5390r 802.11bgn wifi adapter not working.


Mobile TV antenna Siano SMS8022 looks like a match

Israeli company Siano Mobile Silicon, which specializes in the elements base for mobile TV receivers, has announced the release of the second generation antenna chip, SMS8022, intended for mobile devices.

According to the developer, the antenna is significantly superior in technical characteristics to previous designs and is capable of providing mobile TV broadcast (MDTV) reception far from signal sources and in vehicles moving at high speed. The SMS8022 is the result of collaboration between Siano specialists and the American company Vishay, which is a recognized authority in the field of discrete electronic components.

As you know, in 2021 in Europe and Asia there was an increase in terrestrial mobile TV broadcasting, moreover, the lion’s share belonged to DVB-T. At the same time, providing good reception in sparsely populated areas and, conversely, in large cities with a large number of high-rise buildings is not an easy task. With SMS8022, the company believes, consumers are getting the industry’s first high performance antenna in a very small footprint.

The antenna really turned out to be miniature – 35 x 5 x 1 mm (the illustration shows the previously released model SMS8021). In other words, it can be used in cell phones, portable media players, laptops, UMPCs, and expansion cards. The product covers the entire UHF range (470-870 MHz), which provides the ability to receive digital broadcasts according to DVB-T, DVB-H, ISDB-T, FLO and ATSC standards. Omnidirectional antenna eliminates the need to orient the receiver in relation to the signal source. Designed for surface mounting.

Source: Siano Mobile Silicon

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