Rocketfish bluetooth drivers.


Rocketfish bluetooth drivers





Rocketfish bluetooth drivers.


TI reveals details of its 45nm process technology

Texas Instruments (TI) is ready for serial production of its first 45nm IC. The move to 45nm is said to have reduced chip power consumption by 63% and improved performance by 55% over 65nm products

TI is currently shipping preview samples of the first 45nm processor for 3 network-enabled devices.5G. In the production of new items, strained silicon, immersion lithography and dielectrics with an ultra-low dielectric constant (ultra-low K) are used.

The specified processor will allow to produce more compact and lighter devices for networks 3.5G, such as multi-tasking cell phones with rich multimedia capabilities, including HD video playback and longer video recording without sacrificing battery life.

TI 45nm process technology suitable for mixed signal processing ICs. In other words, analog and digital circuits can be integrated in one product. For example, in the composition of the aforementioned processor 3.5G includes an ARM-11 core, a TMS320C55 digital signal processor, an image processor, and analog components required for a cell phone such as an RF codec. An important feature of the 45-nm process technology is the use of a set of technologies under the general name SmartReflex 2, which, in particular, made it possible to reduce the power consumption of manufactured microcircuits and reduce the number of technological steps in the wafer processing cycle.

Source: TI

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