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Roland sc 8850.


MIPS offers the option to integrate HDMI into mobile devices

In response to the adoption of HDMI as an industry standard, MIPS Technologies recently unveiled related Intellectual Property (IP) designs. Along the way, it announced the extension of the strategic partnership with NXP Semiconductors in the field of HDMI IP solutions.

The MIPS Technologies designed HDMI Transmitter IP Core is the first of its kind to integrate into 65nm SoCs. The new product is optimized for power consumption and supports transfer rates up to 1.65 Gbps over one TDMS (transition minimized differential signaling) channel, providing a total of about 5 Gbps bandwidth, corresponding to resolutions up to 1080p at 60 Hz frame rate. HDMI transmitter version available with up to 10.2Gbps bandwidth. In this case, video transmission is provided with a resolution of up to 1080p (at a frequency of 120 Hz), 1440p and more. Optional HDCP support.

An important feature of IP is the built-in direct memory access (DMA). Due to it, there is no need for a separate interface – the HDMI controller gets the ability to read video and audio data directly from the system memory of a single-chip system.

Integration of MIPS-designed IP into SoCs claims to lower the cost of adding HDMI to consumer electronics. In addition, the integrated solution outperforms the discrete solution in terms of power consumption and size. Roughly, support for HDMI with a separate chip leads to a rise in the cost of the system by $ 2-3, and in the case of built-in support, this amount does not exceed $ 1.

Source: MIPS Technologies

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