SMART Modular Technologies Announces 8GB Dual Rank DDR2 RDIMMs

Almost simultaneously, Hynix Semiconductor, PC2-4200 RDIMM 8 GB dual-rank memory modules were presented by SMART Modular Technologies (SMART).

The new products use the MetaSDRAM chipset by MetaRAM, and SMART’s own development in the field of chip layout. 8GB PC2-4200 RDIMMs are designed for high-performance servers and workstations. Their use can double the memory capacity of systems. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, the new modules have better power consumption indicators than four-rank modules of the same total volume – for example, the difference in power consumption of a system with four conventional 4-GB dual-rank RDIMMs and two 8-GB SMART modules can be up to 20%. At the same time, new modules are significantly cheaper than conventional two-rank modules. Savings are achieved through the use of MetaRAM technology, which opens up the possibility of using inexpensive 1 Gb DRAM components instead of more expensive 2 Gb components.

Source: SMART Modular Technologies

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