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National Instruments launches three handheld USB instruments

Three new items have appeared in the assortment of National Instruments: NI USB-5132/5133 digitizers and NI USB-4065 digital multimeter. Compact and lightweight instruments are powered from the USB bus and support plug-and-play functionality, which, according to the manufacturer, makes them a good choice when completing mobile and bench-top measuring systems. Includes NI LabVIEW SignalExpress LE software for fast data entry, analysis, and display without the need for programming.

Digitizers USB-5132 (top picture) and 5133 are capable of up to 50 and 100 million samples of input signal per second. They have two 8-bit data channels that can be used simultaneously and independently. Acceptable input levels are selectable from ten available ranges, 40 mV to 40 V. Programmable DC offset included. Input impedance is 1 MΩ. The devices are equipped with built-in memory (4 MB per channel), which allows a series of samples to be taken at high speed.

The USB-4065 digital multimeter (bottom image) has a 6.5-bit resolution and performs up to 10 measurements per second. At reduced resolution, the frequency can be raised to 3000 measurements per second. Voltage measurement limit is ± 300 V, current ± 3 A, resistance – 100 MΩ.

Source: National Instruments

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