Sony celebrates victory in the format war, and DreamWorks doesn’t know what to do with B Movie

The end of the war of high definition formats was perceived in different ways: someone breathed a sigh of relief, someone looked sadly at the recently purchased HD DVD drive for Xbox 360…

But representatives of Sony, in particular, employees of the Sony center in London, on the doors of which this poster was found, do not hide their joy at the victory:

So, “Blu-ray won, HD DVD throws the towel, the HD format war is over” (yes, it’s “throws the towel”, not “lowers the flag” – after all, England is the birthplace of boxing), but not everyone knows about it :). According to Reuters, Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, said he has not received any formal decision from Toshiba regarding the discontinuation of HD DVD movies.

DreamWorks Animation, like many other studios that supported this format at one time, signed an agreement with Toshiba, according to which the company pledged to release films exclusively on HD DVD discs. It is reported that DreamWorks and Paramount should have received grants of $ 150 million for their loyalty. dollars.

DreamWorks was slated to release Bee Movie: The Honey Plot on HD DVD next month, but Katzenberg is now at a loss. After releasing the film exclusively on HD DVD, DreamWorks will lose revenue from the small Blu-ray market, and whether it will receive compensation from Toshiba is unknown.

Be that as it may, Bee Movie is likely to be the final gift for HD DVD players.

Sources: flickr, Reuters

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