Smart array b120i.


Smart array b120i





Smart array b120i.


Core 2 Duo may once again be outlawed

The Core 2 Duo line of processors is a hugely recognized success for Intel, and is attracting increased attention not only from buyers, but also from a wide variety of individuals and companies, claiming that they have a large share of this success.

Transmeta has become richer by $ 250 million from the court settlement of relations with Intel, now the University of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)) has attempted to make a “little” money, claiming that part of the development is related to parallelization of instructions (prediction and branching mechanisms) made for Intel by its professor Gurindar Sohi.

In 1998, he patented the results of his work and offered it to Intel, but Intel did not accept the offer, although in the end the development still became part of the Core 2 Duo.

In its lawsuit, WARF, as usual, demands not only monetary compensation, but also a complete ban on the sale of most Intel processors, but can anyone assume that such a claim will be satisfied? We strongly doubt this, most likely just another unprofitable organization will receive decent compensation from the microprocessor giant.

Source: WARF

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