Street fighter 4 fighstick.


Street fighter 4 fighstick





Street fighter 4 fighstick.


Customizers: jv16 PowerTools 2021

A new version of the jv16 PowerTools 2021 program has been released, which is a set of utilities for complex work with the registry (cleaning, editing, autoloading, installing / uninstalling) and files, cleaning disks and managing computers in the local network. The program includes the following utilities: Software Manager, Startup Manager, Registry Manager, Registry Cleaner, Registry Finder, Registry Find and Replace, Registry Monitor, Registry Compactor, Registry Information, File Finder, File Cleaner, File Organizer, Duplicate File Finder, File Tool, Directory Finder, Directory Tool, Disk Wiper, Start Menu Fixer, History / MRU Cleaner, History Manager, Cookie Manager and Privacy Protector. There is a Russian interface.

The new version only fixes bugs. Read more about the release here.

Download jv16 PowerTools 2021 can be from here (Shareware, Windows All):

  • With Handbook (3.3 MB)
  • Without Handbook (2.2 MB)

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