Vivace Launches VSP100 Multi-Core Mobile Processor Previews

Microprocessors are the basis for more than just personal computers and other devices, including cell phones, portable players and television sets. One of the features of application processors, as these chips are often referred to to distinguish them from RF-based processors, is their focus on multimedia processing. Vivace Semiconductor has begun deliveries of trial samples of the VSP100, another novelty in this area. Designed for entry-level hardware, the VSP100’s strength is its combination of low cost and low power consumption. At the same time, the microprocessor provides the ability to decode and upscale video (up to D1 format, 30 frames per second) in real time.

The VSP100 is based on the Vivace ViViD multimedia engine. The processor has three cores with VLIW architecture, optimized for video processing, and one RISC CPU core, operating at frequencies up to 150 MHz. All cores are made on one crystal. The estimated cost of the processor, according to the manufacturer, will not exceed $ 7.

The company emphasizes the ease of integrating the VSP100 into existing designs. Support for a large number of formats is provided by a rich application library, including H decoders.264, MPEG-4, DivX, MPEG-2, WMV, AVS, Real Video 10. Supports JPEG image viewing and sound recording. An example of key functionality that the VSP100 can add is the ability to play downloaded from the network and streaming video. The processor implements post-processing and connects the LCD screen with an on-board controller. Resolution, synchronization and control parameters are flexibly programmable. To reduce power consumption, the processor is equipped with three modes of power management: active, sleep, and off. Depending on the load, during video playback, the power consumption ranges from 25-50 mW. Consumption drops to almost zero during downtime.

Samples are made according to the norms of 0.13 microns. VSP100 crystals are packaged in 256-pin PBGA packages with dimensions of 17×17 mm.

Source: Vivace Semiconductor

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