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Leadtek: GeForce 9600 GT with and without overclocking

Leadtek Research Announces New Mid-Range Graphics Cards, WinFast PX9600 GT and PX9600 GT Extreme, Designed for Budget Gamers.

New items are based on the graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, their design does not differ from the reference. The model, overclocked by the manufacturer (Extreme), outwardly differs from the standard only in the color of the picture on the cooling system.

WinFast PX9600 GT and PX9600 GT Extreme include 512 MB of GDDR3 memory with 256-bit access, and the graphics core frequency is 650 and 720 MHz, respectively. The memory of both devices operates at a standard frequency of 1800 MHz.

The new video cards are equipped with two Dual-Link DVI outputs, the set includes a DVI-HDMI adapter and an SPDIF audio cable, which are required to transmit audio and video to HD devices via one cable. The box with WinFast PX9600 GT and PX9600 GT Extreme contains a disc with a fantasy RPG game Overlord.

According to the manufacturer, the retail price of the PX9600 GT will be $ 219, and the PX9600 GT Extreme – $ 239.

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