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Intel Clears the Way for Centrino 2

To ensure a strong start for the new mobile platform Montevina, which will be marketed under the brand name Centrino 2, Intel intends to begin phasing out Centrino shipments (Napa Refresh and Santa Rosa) in the second quarter of this year. This information, with reference to laptop manufacturers, was published by a source.

Right after its Q2 release, Montevina is reportedly expected to account for about 18% of Intel’s total mobile platform shipments. Already in the next, third quarter, the share of the new platform should reach half of the total volume, and by the end of the year it is planned to increase it to 90%.

The share of the Napa Refresh platform with Merom processors by the end of March will be 6%, the share of Napa with Celeron M processors – 3%. Complete cessation of supplies is expected by the end of the second quarter.

As for Santa Rosa, which holds the lion’s share in the first quarter – 60% of shipments, the presence of this platform by the end of the second quarter will decline to 35%. According to the source, in the fourth quarter, Core 2 Duo processors for this platform will completely disappear from the market, while Celeron processors will remain in the entry segment, occupying about 10% of shipments.

Santa Rosa Refresh platform with 45nm Penryn processors, which is estimated at 31% in the first quarter, should grow in the second quarter to 45%. However, in the third quarter it will drop to 20%, and by the end of the year – to 4%.

Source: DigiTimes

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