Apple patented laptop docking station

Another patent application filed by Apple with the relevant US office describes a revolutionary laptop docking station.

The application, titled “Integrated Device Combining Monitor and Docking Station,” describes a docking station that is significantly more compact and easier to use than current models.

As you can see from the picture, the invented docking station is a device that looks like an iMac, but there is no computer inside it. A MacBook is inserted through the side slot inside this “monitor”.

At the same time, the authors of the application took into account many small details. So, when the laptop is placed inside the station, the user will still be able to use the optical drive, and the elements that cannot be accessed – the iSight camera or ports – are duplicated by similar devices of the station itself. Also provided are liquid cooling of the laptop, battery charging and even a telephone headset.

It is possible that Apple will present a similar device already at Macworld, simultaneously with the debut of a hypothetical subnotebook.

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