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Photos and first specifications of the flagship AMD R680 accelerator

The graphics accelerator AMD R680 (ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2) has already hit the camera lens of the correspondents of Legit Reviews, but it seemed very difficult to examine the cooling system of video cards in those pictures.

Now we got the opportunity to look at an engineering sample of such a video card not only as part of a PC. We can see that each of the GPUs is equipped with its own heatsink.

The source writes that the R680 uses the same GPUs as the ATI Radeon HD 3870, running at the same frequency of 775 MHz. The volume of GDDR3 memory (in our opinion, the use of GDDR4 in such a product is more likely) is 1 GB, its frequency is unknown.

Judging by the presence of two additional power connectors at once, such a video card will require the most powerful power supplies, not to mention the CrossFireX configuration.

The timing of the release of such solutions to the market is still a mystery.

Source: Chiphell

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