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CD / DVD: Daemon Tools v.four.eleven.2

The popular Daemon Tools program, which is a CD / DVD emulator, has been updated. The program allows you to emulate both regular discs and discs with protection such as BACKUPcopies (SafeDisc), Securom and Laserlock. To work, an exact 1: 1 copy of the original is required, which can be made using FantomCD, DiscDump, Blindwrite Suite, Disc Juggler, CloneCD, etc.d. It is possible to create up to 4 virtual disks. The Daemon Tools dialog is open:

In version 4.eleven.2 localizations updated, bugs fixed, etc.d. Read more here.

Download Daemon Tool v.four.eleven.2 can be found at the following addresses (Freeware):

  • For Windows 32 (2.4 MB)
  • For Windows 64 (2.6 MB)

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