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Samsung expects to use existing hardware to release 30nm NAND chips

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics was the first in the world to manufacture a 64 Gbit MLC NAND flash memory chip using the “30 nm class” process technology. According to the manufacturer, this is a major step forward in increasing storage density in flash-based solutions for PCs and consumer electronics.

For example, by combining 16 such chips, you can get a memory card with a capacity of 128 GB. The company estimates that this capacity is enough to store 80 movies or 32,000 songs.

The key to the production of the novelty was the use of a new technological process, called “double patterning with self-alignment” (self-aligned double patterning technology, SaDPT). A feature of this process is the two-stage formation of structures on the surface of the plate. Application of SaDPT eliminates the bottleneck in the transition to structures less than 30 nm by expanding the capabilities of traditional lithography.

In other words, Samsung believes that SaDPT will make it possible to use the available lithography equipment to produce chips at rates around 30 nm. The commercial release of such products is planned to be deployed by the beginning of 2021.

The scale of development is evidenced by the following fact – the company has filed 30 applications for patents, one way or another related to the new memory chip. This is no coincidence, because the use of existing equipment will not only speed up the development of new standards, but also significantly reduce the associated costs.

At the same time, Samsung announced the availability of a 32 Gb SLC NAND chip, also created using SaDPT.

Source: Samsung Electronics

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