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Utilities: DeviceLock v.6.2.1 Build 12269

A new version of the DeviceLock utility has been released, which will help system administrators to distribute access rights and set security policies in operating systems of the Windows family, in particular, it will allow you to control access to USB ports and devices. In addition to access to USB ports, DeviceLock allows you to control the entire range of potentially dangerous devices: floppy drives, CD-ROM?s, as well as FireWire, infrared, printer (LPT) and modem (COM) ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters. DeviceLock allows you to assign access rights for users and user groups. DeviceLock has a remote control system that provides access to all possible program functions.

In version 6.2.1 added support for Windows Vista, added support for WMDC, added integration with TrueCrypt, etc.d. Read more here.

Load DeviceLock v.6.2.1 Build 12269 from there (28.2 MB, Shareware, Windows NT / 2000 / XP).

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