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Motherboards “Designed by NVIDIA” – to be or not to be such a circuit?

NVIDIA has long been planning several
reorganize your (and not only your) production thanks to a new “strategy”,
named “Designed by NVIDIA”. The scheme of work presented a little earlier in
this year, it was supposed to simplify the work of manufacturers of motherboards of the second and
third “echelons”.

The company is trying to promote such a scheme of work in order to
standardized motherboards made from a template were cheaper
manufacturers, as noted by Drew Henry, general manager
MCP division of NVIDIA, which visited Taiwan to discuss this
initiative and the new chipset MCP 73.

The standardization of boards will help companies that do not have such resources to
research and development like NVIDIA to release new products faster. In it
at the same time, more powerful enterprises will be able to offer some kind of exclusive
functions and features to differ from the reference product and
position your development a little more expensive. However, most
manufacturers are not happy with these nuances of the scheme. Therefore, NVIDIA decided from
refuse this option. But as for standardized boards and
video adapters, then in general the scheme of such work in NVIDIA will continue
promote further.

Henry also noted that due to the large size of the processor chipset market
Intel, MCP 73 solution should settle well on
the market due to the integrated graphics subsystem. However, in terms of performance
MCP 73 is far from Intel’s 3rd series IGP. Therefore, it will be able to compete only with SiS680, and the “winner” in the market will be the solution whose price will be the most attractive for the consumer.

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