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SRC and Glasgow University set to build 8nm transistors

Employees of the University of Glasgow and Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) will become part of a joint project to create MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, channel field-effect unipolar MOSFET) with a size of 8 nm (including gate length).

New-generation devices will require new materials, and the university has a solid foundation of research on semiconductor materials, which, it is argued, will make it possible to create faster microcircuits and extend the life of existing technologies by four to six years.

The main task of the project participants is to find materials for the manufacture of n- and p-type channels. The fact is that the key to mastering finer norms and higher frequencies is the use of composite semiconductor materials, such as, for example, indium-gallium arsenide. They should replace the silicon currently used in the channels of MOSFETs.

The joint project is designed for three years. The official start date of work was named January 1, 2021. The total investment should be 2.5 million. Doll.

Source: EE Times

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