Amd hd 8400.


Amd hd 8400





Amd hd 8400.


Compiano: some music, some computer ..

An interesting computer that can easily fit into the interior of the living room, designed in a classic style, you can now buy on the online auction eBay.

Its author built a full-fledged computer into the 1904 Chickering Upright Grand Piano.

The place where the notes are usually located is a 26-inch LCD TV made by Philips, equipped with a pair of speakers.

The place of the key block was taken by the Microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard. Inside, gigabytes of RAM, a half-terabyte hard drive, an optical drive and a number of other components, which the craftsman kept silent about in the product’s business card, are safely hidden from the eyes.

This PC is running Windows XP MCE.

The auction will last until December 2, but the opportunity to buy an exclusive “musical instrument” at a price of 20 thousand dollars is already there. Or maybe you should think about re-equipping an existing one and save 19 thousand?

Source: eBay

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