Amd r7 240 drivers.


Amd r7 240 drivers





Amd r7 240 drivers.


A scattering of IOGEAR SATA adapters

IOGEAR has added new adapters to its range, equipped with internal (SATA) and external (eSATA) ports, to which you can connect hard drives and optical drives. The main advantage of this connection method, in the case of external drives, is a higher data exchange rate than when using the USB 2 interface.0 (theoretical winnings up to six times).

The new IOGEAR family of controllers includes the GICe702S3R5W6 model (top photo) with two eSATA II (3Gb / s) ports and support for RAID, designed for installation in a PCI-Express slot. The MSRP for this item is $ 47. The board supports RAID 5, 0, 1, and 10 storage arrays. The GIC704SR5W6 adapter, much like the first model, has 4 eSATA ports (1.5 Gb / s). Its price is $ 70.

The family also includes a low profile GIC711SW6 card with one SATA port and one eSATA (1.5 Gb / s). Manufacturer MSRP for this item is $ 38. The other two boards – GICe711S3W6 and GICe720S3W6 (middle photo) – support the second version of the SATA interface. The first of the named boards has one external and one internal port, the second is equipped with two internal ports. The manufacturer recommends a price of $ 47 for these adapters.

The parade of new IOGEAR products closes with a container for a 2.5-inch GHE7125S3W6 hard drive (bottom picture), equipped with eSATA (3Gb / s) and USB 2 interfaces.0. This device, which costs about $ 40, allows you to convert a SATA hard drive to an external drive that can be connected to a USB 2 port.0 or eSATA.

Source: IOGEAR

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