Amd radeon 6530d.


Amd radeon 6530d





Amd radeon 6530d.


Power Modules Harvesting Energy from the Environment Awaken Consumer Interest

According to Advanced Linear Devices (ALD), its EPAD EH300 and EH301 Energy Harvesting Modules are becoming increasingly popular. It seems that the devices presented at the beginning of the year have finally found their way to consumers.

Interestingly, the customers of ALD are a wide variety of companies – working in industry, aviation, transport.

“We now have over 400 customers evaluating EPADs in a variety of areas, from power supplies to passenger controls in airliners and wireless sensor arrays that monitor bridge integrity,” said Bob Chao, ALD Leader.

EPAD EH300 and EH301 modules are completely autonomous and can store the incoming electrical energy obtained as a result of converting energy that exists in the environment in a variety of forms, including heat, vibration, light, chemical reactions, liquid and gas flows. The role of converters can be, for example, solar batteries, piezoelectric elements, generators. Modules store energy and provide power to electronic circuits such as wireless sensors or remote controls. Module dimensions are 14 x 50 x 17 mm, weight – 14 g. The input voltage range is -500 to +500 V, the permissible input current is in the range from 1 nA to 400 mA. The output voltage of the module can be selected in the range of 1.8-3.6 or 3.1-5.2 V, depending on the modification.

Demand for ALD Modules Reflects Growing Interest in Power Out of Nothing Technology. Analyst firm Darnell Group predicts that the relevant market will grow by more than 65% between 2021 and 2021.

Source: Advanced Linear Devices

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