Amd radeon 6600m.


Amd radeon 6600m





Amd radeon 6600m.


SilverStone ST35F and ST50F: Affordable Affordable Power Supplies

Almost every day we have the opportunity to read about new power supplies with a capacity of 700, 800 and even more than 1000 W. Naturally, most of the PC users simply do not need such power supplies, given the relative efficiency of current processors and the high integration of modern motherboards.

It is for these “average” users that two new SilverStone products are designed, the ST35F and ST50F. They have a power of 350 and 500 watts, respectively, which will be enough for most modern systems.

Even the younger model has independent + 12V power lines – two, providing amperage of 10 and 15 A.

In the older model, the current strength along these lines is 18 A each.

6-pin interfaces for connecting PCI Express video cards, two for the older of the new products and one for the younger. More in ST50F and SATA power connectors – six versus four.

Both PSUs have active PFC and are more than 80% efficient.

Cooling is provided by one 120mm fan with automatic speed control.

Recommended price for SilverStone ST35F in Europe is 42 EUR, ST50F – 64 EUR.

Source: SilverStone

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