Amd760g graphics card.


Amd760g graphics card





Amd760g graphics card.


RealSSD – Micron’s Solid State Drives Family

Micron announced that with the release of the new RealSSD product family
it enters the Solid State Drives (SSD) market.

RealSSD drives are represented by devices of different
form factors and capacities, which allows positioning new items in various
market segments.

RealSSD Solid State Drives at the moment
presented in two standard sizes: 1.8 “and 2.5”. Both options have an interface
SATA II. Available capacities – 32 and 64 GB.

The company already provides test copies of these products, and
mass production of devices of the RealSSD family
should start in the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, Micron will also produce RealSSD Embedded USB,
which, as the name implies, will be equipped with a USB 2 interface.0. These
drives will have capacities ranging from 1GB to 8GB and are designed for various
embedded applications. As noted, these will be inexpensive, highly effective and
energy efficient acceleration solutions
blade servers or
fast drives for quick access to frequently used files. This class
devices Micron will begin to produce before the end of this year.

The third type of SSD-drives, which
will be produced by the company – RealSSD Module.
These are SATA devices that have
size 25 x 133.5 x 4 mm, which can be
used almost everywhere, providing users with speed and convenience
use of.

Source: Micron

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