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GALAXY Announces Own Designed GeForce 8800GT Accelerator

We’ve seen a lot of graphics accelerators based on the new NVIDIA G92 GPU. Most of them use a reference design developed by NVIDIA engineers, some manufacturers have used an original cooling system in a number of their products, which made it possible to increase the frequencies relative to the nominal.

Fully redesigned accelerators are relatively rare so far, which makes the original GALAXY 8800GT card, announced yesterday, all the more interesting.

The changes made to the design are aimed at increasing the overclocking potential of the accelerator, however, the manufacturer himself did not factory increase the frequencies relative to the nominal.

GPU operates at 600 MHz, video memory with 1 ns access time, – at 1800 MHz. Number of stream processors -112, memory interface – 256-bit.

Instead of a two-phase power supply scheme, GALAXY provided a three-phase one, and the printed circuit board was also redesigned in order to more efficiently dissipate heat. In addition, the cooler has been changed – the heat will be removed from the graphics chip by two heat pipes.

It is not reported how much the new design will affect the price of the product.

Source: GALAXY

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