Atheros ar9285 5ghz.


Atheros ar9285 5ghz





Atheros ar9285 5ghz.


Lagos Analysis accuses OLPC of copyright infringement and demands to stop selling XO

Lagos Analysis, a US-based Nigerian corporation and its Nigerian subsidiary LANCOR Management Limited (LANCOR), have filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Nigeria’s Supreme Federal Court against Nicholas Negroponte, One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPC ) and their representatives in Nigeria.

The lawsuit was registered on November 22. According to the plaintiff, OLPC deliberately infringed LANCOR’s patent # RD8489 and illegally engineered the original text of the keyboard driver for use in XO notebooks.

LANCOR is counting on actual damages and a permanent injunction to prevent OLPC from continuing to illegally manufacture, sell, distribute or offer for sale XO notebooks and any other product infringing on Patent # RD8489.

We are talking about the development of a technology for entering characters belonging to several alphabets using a keyboard equipped with four shift keys. Combined with the letter keys, these shift keys allow you to enter diacritics and other special characters during normal printing. The technology developed by LANCOR specialists is called Shift2 and is used in a new class of keyboards specific to certain regions. These products are known under the brand name KONYIN. The illustrations show examples of diacritics and the KONYIN keyboard layout for Nigeria.

Source: Lagos Analysis

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