Ati mobility radeon hd 3400.


Ati mobility radeon hd 3400





Ati mobility radeon hd 3400.


OSD Displays launches 5.7-inch QVGA touchscreen LCD

OSD Displays (OSD) recently announced the release of
new model LCD screen with a diagonal of 5.7 inches. The new screen is focused on
industrial use, as well as for use in various mobile

Model OSD322403-7UFLWE, almost a complete analogue of the existing
in the range of OSD322403-7UFLWF,
is a screen with a resolution of 320×240 (QVGA), 18-bit color and
the ability to rotate the picture. Also available with touchscreen

Device brightness is 380 nits, contrast ratio is 450: 1. Declared term
LED backlighting service – 40 thousand. hours, and its typical power consumption is
1.4 watts.

The dimensions of the display are 144 x 104.6 x 13 mm, the active area of ​​the screen is
this is equal to 115.2 x 86.4 mm. OSD322403-7UFLWE is RoHS compliant
device. The company has already started mass production of the new model.

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