Ati mobilitytm radeon hd 4250.


Ati mobilitytm radeon hd 4250





Ati mobilitytm radeon hd 4250.


AMD Reports Third Quarter Results – GPU Revenue Up 29%

AMD Releases Third Quarter 2021 Financial Statement. Income for the specified period amounted to 1.632 billion. Doll., which is 18% more than in the second quarter and 23% more than in the third quarter of 2021. Operating loss (the difference between the company’s operating income and total operating expenses) AMD for the reporting period amounted to 226 million. Doll. As a reminder, a quarter ago the operating loss was equal to 457 mln. Doll. with an income of 1.378 billion. Doll. In other words, although the effect of ATI acquisition costs is still noticeable, the dynamics of the main indicators is positive.

This is evidenced by the increase in gross margin to 41% compared to 33% in the second quarter. In fairness, it must be admitted that the figure from a year ago, 51%, has not yet been reached. The company notes that the growth is mainly due to an increase in the volume of shipments of microprocessors in quantitative terms, an increase in production efficiency and an expansion of the product range.

The quarter was successful for the main division of the company – Computing Solutions, where revenue grew by 17% and reached 1.283 billion. Doll. Microprocessor revenue grew 19%, and in quantitative terms, these products were shipped 16% more than in the previous quarter. The growth is especially noticeable in the segment of mobile processors – 41% qoq, 68% yoy.

Graphics Division Gains 252M. Doll. revenue, 29% more than in the previous quarter. Sales of ATI Radeon HD 2000 series GPUs laid the foundation for success.

Among the most notable events of the quarter, AMD names the release of “the world’s most advanced x86-compatible processor” Quad-Core AMD Opteron, licensing of graphics technologies to Freescale Semiconductor and Qualcomm.

Source: AMD

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