Ati radeon 5770 driver.


Ati radeon 5770 driver





Ati radeon 5770 driver.


A-DATA Launches World’s Fastest DDR3

With the release of Vitesta 2000X A-DATA modules, we can state that memory manufacturers have taken a significant milestone – the DDR3 clock frequency for the first time took the 2 GHz bar (PC3-16000).

Recall that for some time the fastest modules available on the market were PC3-15000 modules (clock frequency – 1866 MHz).

Naturally, with the next increase in frequency, the manufacturer had to increase the delays – up to 9-9-9-24.

Modules will be sold in paired sets with a total volume of 2 GB.

The operating voltage of the Vitesta 2000X is 2.05-2.15 V.

The manufacturer guarantees work with such parameters on the flagship motherboards of the ASUS ROG series

Source: A-DATA

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