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Pennsylvania is developing phase-change memory that will be 1000 times faster than flash media

It’s no secret that in the near (near) future, the popular flash memory will be replaced by
a new, better technology will come. The only question is which
technology will inherit the “throne” of flash media and when exactly will it happen.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania
showed their vision of the possible development of prospects in this area. Group
Professor Ritesh Agarwal at the Faculty of Materials Science
Science & Engineering) has developed a phase change memory
fortunes. This is new
technology based on self-organizing nanowires using
telluride of germanium and antimony – a material with a variable state capable of
pass from the amorphous state of the structures to the crystalline state and vice versa. It is this and
provides the very possibility of read and write operations such a technologically
progressive and perfect memory.

The above nanowires are sized
about 100 atoms in diameter. They tend to self-assemble arbitrarily.
This is the process by which chemicals crystallize at low
temperature and serve as a link for nanoscale metal particles,
thus forming nanowires. The latter are characterized by a diameter of
30-50 nm and stretch 10 microns in length.

The first memory tests of the Agarwal group
showed that the processes of reading and writing take place in a time equal to 50 ns (!), what,
in fact, it means that such memory will be about 1000 times faster than flash memory. Wherein
reduction in power consumption – to write 1 bit of data, you need about 0.7 mW.
The life cycle of such a memory is also reported to be much longer than that of
flash memory and is an impressive 100 thousand. years.

Against the background of all the merits and
advantages of such a promising technology is its very slow
commercialization, at least for the mass consumer. In the free
the sale of memory with a change in the phase state will arrive no earlier than after
8-10 years old.

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