Ati radeon hd 4270.


Ati radeon hd 4270





Ati radeon hd 4270.


ASUS “overclocks” two more cards: EN8800GS TOP / HTDP / 384M and EAH3850 TOP / HTDI / 512M

Almost simultaneously with the announcement of the EAH3650 TOP series products, ASUSTeK Computer released two more cards that use increased clock speeds.

The first is based on the ATI Radeon 3850 graphics processor and received the designation EAH3850 TOP / HTDI / 512M. The core and memory frequencies of this product are increased to 730 and 950 MHz, respectively (by default they are equal to 668 and 828 MHz). The board uses DDR3 memory chips with 0.8 ns access time. The amount of memory, as it is easy to understand from the model name, is 512 MB. According to the manufacturer, the board in the 3DMark06 test is faster than the reference one by 12%.

The second board is based on the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS processor. It’s called EN8800GS TOP / HTDP / 384M. The frequencies of the core, shader unit and memory are equal to 600, 1700 and 900 MHz (nominal values ​​- 550, 1375 and 800 MHz). The score of this board in the 3DMark06 test is 8% higher compared to the reference design. The amount of memory installed on EN8800GS TOP / HTDP / 384M is 384 MB.

Both video adapters are equipped with a Glaciator cooling system and are designed for connection to the PCI Express 2 bus.0 and equipped with DVI-I interfaces with HDCP support.

Source: DigiTimes

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