Ati radeon xpress 1150.


Ati radeon xpress 1150





Ati radeon xpress 1150.


28% of IT pros surveyed named Mac as the best Vista alternative

According to a study by King Research, 90% of 961 IT professionals surveyed believe that moving to the Windows Vista operating system will be a lot of problems. Moreover, more than half of them are not going to install the latest version of Windows in the near future, and 44% of respondents are ready to consider installing an alternative operating system. 28% called the transition to Mac OS X more preferable, 25% named Red Hat Linux as a full replacement for the new version of Windows, and 18% each – SUSE Linux and Ubuntu.

“Many companies are thinking about an alternative to an upgrade, and 9% of them are already in the process of switching to alternative platforms, and 25% are going to transfer their IT economy to using alternative operating systems within the next year,” the research report says.

According to professionals, one of the main factors contributing to migration to alternative operating systems is the widespread use of virtualization, which allows, if necessary, to run Windows applications in virtual machines with a slight loss of performance.

At the same time, about 45% of respondents cite possible problems in software maintenance as the main obstacle to migration to alternative operating systems.

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